Beef 'O' Brady's

Beef “O’ Brady’s, a local restaurant and sports bar, located at 3732 Darrow Road, Stow, had this to share about its membership in the Chamber:  

How has membership in the Stow-Munroe Falls Chamber of Commerce benefitted your business? “Community involvement is a very important part of who we are. Our marketing efforts through the Chamber (i.e. Title Sponsor of the Annual Golf Outing; Business After Hours host; Friday eblasts, etc.), help us to achieve that goal,” stated Bob Frangos, Owner.

 Do you have suggestions for other members seeking to get the most out of their membership? “Yes, take a second look at the various services available to you through your membership. The results will be worth your effort!

The Chamber has helped me meet, build and grow many valuable relationships.  I have been able to elevate my brand and increase the communities’ understanding of the hospital services. ~Kathy – Western Reserve Hospital
Meeting and getting to know members better has been a great way to identify potential clients as well as trusted resources for my business!  Just get involved!  you never know who you might meet.  Get our of your comfort zone and show up. ~Brad – Town Planner
We have been a member of the Stow-Munroe Falls Chamber of Commerce for 7 years.  It has been great networking with other members.  I have met so many wonderful people who have not only become patients but have also become my friends.  I have learned a lot about business being around other business owners.  Through the leadership program I have learned about many things in the community that I didn’t know existed.  Join a committee so you can see how the chamber works and you can meet other people that you might not encounter at a luncheon.  go to the networking events after work.  It is a great way to meet people and they are fun!  I highly suggest the leadership program through the chamber.  This was a wonderful time and I learned so much and met many other people in the community that I probably wouldn’t have met. ~Linda – Bella Eyecare
We have been a member of the Stow-Munroe Falls Chamber of Commerce for more than 15 years.  We have gotten to know many people in the community and some of them have become clients.  Marathon Financial Services has become better known to the community through our involvement in the Chamber of Commerce.  Get involved, show up at events, get to know people!  Stay involved, show up at more events, get to know more people! ~Paul – Marathon Financial Services
We have been an active member for 4 years.  Membership in the Chamber has helped us in many ways; the networking alone has not only brought us customers, but local brand awareness.  Taking advantage of promotional opportunities provided by the chamber always brings an influx of sales.  But the most valuable benefit is the working relationships we have built with other small business owners, giving us a platform to both share and take new ideas for growing our businesses.  To get the most out of your membership, first take advantage of the opportunities presented to promote your business (sponsor a luncheon, have a table at the showcase, etc.).  Next, take the time to really get to know other chamber members.  Instead of trying to make a quick sale, dive into the wealth of knowledge that lies within our chamber.  Learn about their business models and what drives them.  You are likely to find an inspirational nugget of wisdom that when applied, will bring far more success than that quick sale. ~Tina – Integrity Auto Care Center
We have been an active member since before we opened our doors in Stow in 2007 and find that the vibrancy of the Chamber and its leadership are what truly provides the value to us as members. The networking opportunities and events, including the luncheons, after hours events and the fantastic Stow-Munroe  Falls Community Showcase are what helps extend the Akron General and LifeStyles brand throughout the community and beyond. Hats off to Doris, Tracie and the entire board of directors of the Chamber.  ~Andy – Akron General LifeStyles-North
Since day one at my first meeting, I was greeted with open arms and welcoming smiles from so many members. People took the time to understand my business and learn how they could benefit from my services. Everyone was so sincere and took the time to introduce me to other businesses that I paired nicely with. We are a new location in Stow, over the last year, and joining the Chamber has made a significant difference in helping to get our name out through word- of -mouth advertising and driving sales!  The Chamber took the time to welcome us to Stow by putting a sign up that was visible from the road so people knew we were here!  I was so impressed and thankful to the Economic Development Committee for taking time to do this.  So many customers raved about the sign and how happy they were to finally know where we were located.  The Chamber is so eager to accommodate our needs and help pave our road to success! They are now friends I trust and do business with on a daily basis and the commitment and dedication from all the members is proof that Stow-Munroe Falls will continue to prosper and grow! I can truly say you get out of it what you put into it!  I immediately joined a committee to meet others and learn from them.  What a diverse and dynamic group who is so willing and wanting to help businesses grow!  I love giving back and I am very passionate about learning my peers’ industries so I can help refer them to people I know and help them grow in return.  It is a “family” that truly has my best interest at heart and wants to help support my growth both personally and professionally. I can’t say enough about the members and our leadership team! Stow-Munroe Falls Chamber is the BEST Chamber experience I have had and would recommend you to any business who wants to help others while growing on the path to success!  It is an honor to be a part of this fabulous community! ~Roberta
The Club has been a Member for years, I have been with the Club and participating in the Chamber events since March 2011. My business is all about relationships, so being new to the community and having the opportunity to meet and network with the business owners and representatives at Chamber events has been invaluable to me.  Many of our Club’s Members are small business owners and also Members of the Chamber. Attend events, introduce yourself to people and don’t be afraid to walk up to a group.  Stow is fortunate to have a lot of people working and living in the community who have been here their whole lives, so they have deep roots.  Many of the Chamber Members have known each other for years, dating back to their school days. My husband and I moved “home” to Ohio from Orlando, Florida are so happy that we chose Stow as our place to live.  We were looking for vibrant, growing city with a small town atmosphere and we found it in Stow.  We have been welcomed with open arms and thank you!
To Whom It May Concern: I wanted to thank the Stow Munroe Falls Chamber for the referral to Raytec for a phone system. We do appreciate referrals and working with members of the City of Stow. Raytec is very proud to serve our local customers and provide chamber members with a healthy discount. Thank you so much for the referral! ~ Jeff | Telecommunications and Security Consultant – Raytec Systems